KidsWebTv Inc. Joins Wmode's Content Provider Program to Meet Increasing Demands for its Unique Mobile Entertainment Content for Teens.

CALGARY, OCTOBER 24, 2002 - Wmode, the creator of ClearModeTM, the first wireless clearinghouse serving the worldwide mobile commerce market, announced today that KidsWebTv Inc., a leading provider and aggregator of Teen entertainment for mobile devices, has joined its rapidly expanding content provider program. As an integrated member of Wmode's content provider program, KidsWebTV programming is available through the ClearMode clearinghouse. With the help of Wmode, KidsWebTv can provide its wireless carriers' subscribers with multiple purchase options.

Leaders of youth-orientated content, KidsWebTv brings their expertise and command of the youth market, an elusive but lucrative demographic to reach. The In-Stat Group predicts the number of young cell phone subscribers (ages 10 to 24) will grow from 11 million today to 43 million in 2004. In 2000, 36% of kids had cell phones in the United States, compared with 38% of adults. In 2005, Yanke Group predicts 68% of kids will have a phone in the US, compared to 62% of adults.

KidsWebTv, pioneering content provider of the Internet, and the wireless market, has garnered attention from, CNN Cable, and the Hollywood Reporter for its innovative content. No stranger to Hollywood or Silicon Valley, KidsWebTv has worked on projects with Gena Lee Nolin, Mary Hart, Keifer Sutherland, hockey star Keith Tkachuk, Rob Burgess, C.E.O. Macromedia and other celebrities.

"Wmode is very excited to partner with KidsWebTv, an innovator of premium mobile entertainment to the youth market," said Dennis Woronuk, president and COO of Wmode. "The ClearMode service provides KidsWebTv with the ability to deliver a broad range of entertainment to subscribers without having to interface to each of the carriers authentication and billing systems."

KidsWebTv mobile entertainment packages are created to drive airtime usage with a community of teen and tween cell users whose needs to network and intercommunicate are central to their daily lives. KidsWebTv presents an exciting suite of entertainment services using cutting edge cellular technology including J2ME, BREW, SMS, MMS for, animated messaging, alerts, full-color graphically rich games and chat games, all designed to uniquely appeal to this large youth demographic. The KidsWebTv mobile entertainment network provides a variety of entertainment channels that include MGurl‘: Communities, entertainment, and lifestyles for the teenage girl and Eddy Dog: A Wireless Playground for the Tween market.

"We chose to join Clearmode as carriers are anxious to access KidsWebTv mobile entertainment", says Poersch, KidsWebTv C.E.O., "but not all carriers have a billing solution in place to take advantage of the revenue opportunity. Wmode's clearinghouse for mobile transactions makes this possible."

Reaching these burgeoning markets is not a simple task. KidsWebTv stays at the cutting edge of new technologies finding innovative ways to translate quality content into new mediums, making carriers eager to access KidsWebTv's mobile entertainment network. "Traditional content from TV and movies simply transplanted to mobile entertainment doesn't ensure a home run", says Poersch. "This is a generation of consumer savvy youth who've grown up on technology and because of that, have a distinct way that they want their information and entertainment."
KidsWebTv's expertise is in creating content within new mediums for this technology generation by truly understanding their needs by allowing the audience to drive their content.

About Wmode
Wmode provides the ClearMode clearinghouse for wireless commerce that facilitates the monetization of Internet-based subscription and transaction services and uses a Bill-to-Phone payment model. By uniting wireless carriers and content providers, ClearMode rapidly enables new and varied revenue streams through a secure service, which provides end-users with access to a broad range of wireless Internet content and services. The company is privately held and has offices in Calgary, Alberta; Seattle, WA; and Bern, Switzerland. For more information please call +1-403-260-8695 or visit:

About KidsWebTv
KidsWebTv is an innovative creator and aggregator of youth entertainment for mobile devices. Founded by web industry pioneer and "Who's Who of Notable Canadians", Lorane Poersch, C.E.O., KidsWebTv Inc. successfully penetrates the youth market by providing specialized youth-oriented content via the Internet, television and mobile devices. Its strategic Board of Advisors includes kids' entertainment experts and Internet leaders. KidsWebTv is a crucial link in the value chain connecting carriers to mobile entertainment products that create new streams of revenue by driving airtime usage with a community of Teen and Tween cell users whose need to network and intercommunicate is central to their daily lives. For more information, call (204) 772.2672 or visit